This page details the costs of private treatment with Mr Shabbir Mohamed

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Consultation costs

New Patient Consultation £250

Follow up Consultation £175

If you need specific tests or surgery, the costs will be clearly outlined before the procedures are undertaken so that you are fully informed of costs involved.

Insured Patients

If you are insured, it is important for you to check with your insurer that the costs for consultations / tests / surgery will be covered as you might become liable for any shortfall (difference between cost of treatment and what the insurer can pay).

Shortfalls arise because most insurers have kept their remuneration rates static or reduced them (in some cases drastically) which has meant that high quality care is difficult to provide within the fee schedule of the insurer.

Mr Mohamed does not feel it is appropriate to compromise on quality and safety of care by providing a lower service in order to meet the cost constraints set out by the insurer. He has experienced many examples where such practice has led to sub-optimal or in some cases catastrophic outcomes and the costs of trying to correct such errors can be extremely expensive.

Good medical care is not always the cheapest but is very cost-effective.

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