Patient Testimonials

The following are a small example of patient comments from verified patients collected by an independent agency.

“An outstanding and inspirational physician. He always establishes a personal connection. He is compassionate and explains medical issues and treatment clearly.”


“Very thorough, friendly and professional – gave a very clear and detailed explanation of my condition and the steps needed to treat it. Highly recommended.”


“Mr, Mohamed explained what was happening at every stage.He put me at ease and I feel he truly saved the sight in my right eye”


“Mr Mohamed was an exceptionally pleasant Doctor, very knowledgeable and friendly.”


“We went through all the details of what was needed and how it would all work”


“I was very impressed with Mr Mohamed’s thoroughness and expertise in dealing with the case prior to the operation.”


“Mr Mohamed acts professionally, explains procedures carefully and is reassuring in his manner.”


“I would like to thank Mr Mohamed and his team for their professionalism and skill during diagnosis, surgical procedure and treatment over the last 18 months to reduce the risk off glaucoma. Throughout my period attending his clinics the service and attention to detail has been first rate. Mr Mohamed’s manner is reassuring and congenial which gives you confidence in his abilities. The two operations I had under local anaesthetic were painless and trouble free.
I recommend Mr Mohamed and his assistant Dr [] unequivocally. I could not be happier with my outcome.
Many thanks.”


“I’m very happy with the treatment I have received. [Mr Mohamed’s] caring and easy manner set you at ease from the beginning and that relaxed manner continues throughout the process”


Having had two cataract operations I want to thank Mr Mohamed and his team for the care, kindness and treatment I received. Everyone was so friendly and professional and put me at ease with the procedures. Thank you once again.


Mr Mohammed was very helpful, easy to talk to and explained the procedure in great detail both at my first appointment and during the operation. I had no trouble afterwards during my recovery. I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Mohammed.


I shall be ever grateful of my experience with Mr Mohamed which started three years ago. As a result of Glaucoma in the family I had free sight tests for many years which took place at [a high street national chain of opticians]. I had no reason to doubt their competence but had to go elsewhere as I needed sports specs for my cycling which were unavailable at these opticians.
My search for cycling specs led me to Eye Opticians in Barnt Green. A routine eye test revealed high eye pressure in both eyes. Following an OCT eye scan, an NHS referral was made, however the appointment would have only been in 12 months’ time.
Eye Opticians suggested that waiting for this length of time was unacceptable and a private consultation was essential. I was referred to Mr Mohamed who after close examination advised me that Glaucoma was present in my right eye. He described in detail the results found showing damage to my retinas and explained possible outcomes. Mr Mohamed prescribed eye drops which reduced the pressure to normal levels within 3 months. I have continued to use the eye drops twice a day since then and have regular follow up examinations at four-monthly intervals.


“Following the surgery to my eye was second to none and the whole experience at the clinic was amazing. “


“Friendly and informative visit gave reassurance”


“Mr Mohamed is both warm and professional. He inspires confidence . I feel he has made a great improvement to the quality of my life in his treatment of my eyes.”


“Totally professional and caring.”


“Mr Mohamed put me at ease and instilled confidence in me at the first meeting. A full professional detailed explanation of my options was conveyed to me .”




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